Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Beginning

Welcome to the beginning of my blog. This is my second endeavor into the world of blogging. The first didn't go as I planned. Visiting writers's houses all over New England is tough work. It turns out that not too many people are interested by it when they are from New England. It figures that it only happens to nerdy types of people like myself. People who are recluses huddled in the corner reading and praying that the 14 month old will go to sleep so that I can fit in more reading/writing time before I in turn... fall asleep.

I must confess that there are many people who thought that I should start a blog seeing that I possess way too many weird things that go on in my life. Many times I wait a few days before I say anything because... A. It could be way to embarrassing to divulge the first day. OR B. There are just too many things going on that I haven't had time to say anything to anybody. And then there is C. Usually that includes people that I may end up hurting if I were to put sensitive content on the Internet. People tell me I shouldn't care, but those are usually the same people who would take issue with it, hence my hesitance.

More often than not, I just want a place to compile a bunch of my nerdy little findings in some other place than Facebook and Pinterest. Twitter is just too text confined. When it comes to me talking to friends and family about literature and writing, I bore them to death because of all the minuscule facts that I read on the Internet.

So here we are. At the beginning. 

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