Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Possible Book Quilt?

Years ago I had an awesome comforter. It was lilac in color and had purple lettering with pictures of butterflies and dragonflies. It also had Shakespearean Sonnet #21 imprinted upon it:

Sonnet 21
So is it not with me as with that Muse,
Stirred by a painted beauty to his verse,
Who heaven itself for ornament doth use
And every fair with his fair doth rehearse,
Making a couplement of proud compare
With sun and moon, with earth and sea's rich gems,
With April's first-born flowers, and all things rare,
That heaven's air in this huge rondure hems.
O! let me, true in love, but truly write,
And then believe me, my love is as fair
As any mother's child, though not so bright
As those gold candles fixed in heaven's air:
   Let them say more that like of hearsay well;
   I will not praise that purpose not to sell.
I adored that bed in a bag set so much that I had it for almost five years. By the time I begrudgingly put it in my closet for safe keeping, it was pilled and very worn. The batting sunk down to the edges leaving nothing for the middle. It was so beat up you could almost see through it.
Since that comforter set, I have been on the hunt to buy a new one that is similar in nature. I have not found a single one with bookish qualities. No poems, books, characters of books of any kind quilts or comforters exist. Therefore, I may resolve to make my own bookish quilt.
Here are just some of the samples fabric samples that I have seen online from Spoonflower that I wouldn't mind putting on my quilt. You don't have to just make a quilt. You could make that awesome cover for your tablet or laptop! Or design some literary pillows!
Sherlock Holmes I presume! I really like this because it has the book's quotes on it.
Great lines of literature. This one has many great characters. Dracula, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Moby Dick, etc. I hope I don't have nightmares.
Various titles of great books:

Alice falling down the rabbit hole. This one is really cool. They have several different Alice ones. Some of them are pretty psychadelic.
The Orchard House in Concord, MA! In case you don't know, it is the house where Louisa May Alcott wrote "Little Women". 
If you are an Austen obsessed person, you ought to check this out! You can make a quilt with JUST Jane Austen themed fabric!

The Color Purple. No quilt can be complete without it.
Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven". Need I say more?
And my favorite book in the whole wide world: Jane Eyre!
There are many I have left off here but I am curious to know: which ones you guys would select?